Be careful, for Matt Cutts, Google’s eminent engineer, has warned there is a new update judging online rankings, and especially austere towards spammy queries. What is more, the warning message Google has for mobile website owners is as follows: the worse the quality of your mobile site, the more unfavorable the prospects for its ranking in the short and longer term.

The New Update Targeting Spammy Queries

It is pointed out that the new update, on the lookout for spammy queries should not be a complete surprise, and the online audience should expect the bad impact on between 0.3 and 0.5 percent of queries made in the English language. Matt Cutts has already warned about it. As he underlined, the new change is expected to severely impact queries of the type of “payday loans” in the area, and also pornographic queries.
More details shared by Cutts on Twitter were that there is work still going on on the new update, and he said that the development is to materialize in the course of the next month or two.

The Changes with Regard to Smartphone Rankings

Inadequately optimized mobile websites are bound to lose. As Google warned via a post available in Google Webmaster’s central blog, there are to be expected several changes in ranking very soon, and these changes will misconfigured mobile sites. As was indicated in the post, there are two areas where that will be felt; one is faulty redirects which send smartphone users from desktop pages to mobile optimized ones, and the other is the so called smartphone only errors, in which websites display content to online users of desktop sites when URLs are accessed, but smartphone users get an error page displayed.

What does Google advise to deal with the situation?

Testing mobile websites on a large number of mobile devices and on as many operating systems as possible, to spot problems early on. One more thing: remembering that website speed has been a crucial factor taking part in the Google ranking algorithm for web searches for a couple of years, website speed should be expected to impact the rankings of mobile websites; that is what Matt Cutts underlined when he spoke at the SMX Advanced Conference.

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